Technical Information

PBX Configuration - Elastix

Elastix is a comprehensive package that incorporates FreePBX, a GUI for Asterisk.

To configure your StormQloud SIP trunk, you will need to login as an administrator.



By default, your SIP trunk will be initially setup to use SIP registration with user and password.  For added security, you may want to configure your trunk  to authenticate on your IP address if you have a static Ip address.  This change can be done in our portal. The instructions below relate to the SIP regisatration setup.


You will be supplied with 4 parameters in the setup email: 

  1. The Ip address of our switch (shown as in our examples)
  2. The username (shown as client00) in our examples)
  3. A secret (show as KMvJQC4sAM5SCD as a random password in our examples)
  4. A DID number (5141234567 in our examples)


Step 1 - Configure the Trunk 

Select 'Add SIP Trunk' from the PBX Configuration Menu





Complete the peer details, user details and register string as follows. 

Don't forget to enter the IP, user and password supplied in your setup email

Step 2 - Configure the DID 

Select 'Inbound Routes' from the PBX Configuration menu



Enter the DID number and route to the selected destination

You will need to "Apply Configuration Changes" to load the changes

Montreal 514-316-6400
Toronto 416-477-6070
Toll Free 877-424-0514
  4795 Ste Catherine W
  Suite 203
  Qc H3Z1S8