Technical Information

Unlimited Use Definitions

Our services have an unlimited calling area, but there are a few restrictions.  These SIP trunks are intended for normal use by a single business.

If you are a regular business looking for SIP trunks for your own PBX (even in multiple locations), our trunks will be  unlimited.

Prohibited Uses

  1. Wholesale applications where the lines are to be resold to other businesses on a per channel or per minute basis
  2. Hosted pbx systems supporting multiple companies
  3. Any outbound telemarketing application where the lines will be used continually for placing short duration telemarketing cold calls.
  4. Any application that uses an autodialer
  5. Least cost routed applications where the unlimited SIP trunks are to be used for filtered traffic.  As an example, if the trunks were to be used exclusively for calling to the USA, and local calls routed over other routes, this would be prohibited.
  6. Callback, dialthrough, pinless dialing or calling card applications
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